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Xtremely Serious Wrestling was founded in 2017 by "Serious" Justin Angermeyer. After making a name for himself in the Union Beach indy circuit, Angermeyer decided he was fed up with what professional wrestling had become: a joke and shell of what it once was. He set off to make a promotion that would change wrestling forever.  Beginning in September of 2017, XSW has brought its innovative brand of professional wrestling to the world through monthly shows in the greatest city in the world, New York City.  In this time, XSW has proven that wrestling can be Xtreme and cand be Serious. And here we are today. This is Xtremely Serious Wrestling.


"Serious" Justin Angermeyer was a star of the independent wrestling scene who made his trade primarily in the UBWO. He is now the ex-owner and founder of XSW and the patriarch of the Angermeyer Dynasty.

At The Last Dance in December 2018, Quinn Bickle defeated "Serious" Justin Angermeyer in a match in which the company was at stake and as a result, Bickle gained the ownership of XSW.

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